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Downloading the mapping tool

Here you can download Fallen Evolution Mapper

It is the latest release of EOMAP 3.0 but of course with the FE gfx files already put into so no need to add anything into it, should work straight as you unzip it and run it.

How to start mapping

If you are unsure on how to begin your first map, look to the top left of your mapping program. Click File>New. There should be a box that pops up.

Step 1 Type in the map name/number and the width and height you would like for your map.

Step 2 Along with the mapping program there should be a box called "Palette". This is where you get your tiles, objects, walls etc.

Step 3 !Important Step! You may begin mapping! Although to save your map files you will need to save them as (Custom Map Name).emf You will also need to make ANOTHER file to save your maps in at an accessable location on your PC. Example map storage folder name: My Maps IF YOU WANT TO ADD WARPS TO MAPS YOU MUST HAVE BOTH THE MAPS FINISHED AND SAVED OR THE WARPS WILL NOT WORK. [If you want to display them on forums you can either upload them to downloading sites or take a screenshot of them and post.]