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How to Play?

The point of this game is, well, whatever you want it to be.

In Fallen Evolution, there are many ways to have fun whether it be showing off your wealth or killing high leveled-monsters.

The game provides full customization of your character. In other words, you can make your character into whatever you desire may it be a mighty warrior, a stealthy assassin, or whatever suits your needs as a player.

While in-game, you have the choice of making money, raising your character's overall stats, or just hanging out with your friends, there will be many quests and in-game moderators to help you out when you're stuck.

It gets better, there are many different monsters and a pet system that'll keep you occupied while playing. The maps are huge and made to best fit any type of role-playing you might do. There are also events, hosted by the players so there will be some competition.

The "ideal" way to play this game is just to have fun with it and let your imagination run wild so just enjoy yourself and make it worthwhile. :)

Basic Controls

  • Arrow Buttons - Moves character or faces you in a certain direction.
  • Mouse Click - Picks up item(s), designates where your character will move to, and selects commands/targets.
  • CTRL - Basic attack button, fishing, mining, etc.
  • F1-F8 - Basic magic selection, checks mail, resets character, etc. to whichever button was assigned.
  • F11 - Makes your character sit.
  • F12 - Refreshes screen.
  • PrntScr - Takes a screen shot of the game window.
  • NumPad - Displays emote of whichever button was assigned.

In-Game Chat

  • !(PlayerName) text - Whispers to another player in the game.
  • 'text - Sends text to whomever you are grouped with.
  • &text - Sends text to the guild that you are in.
  • ~text - Sends text global to every player.


  • /title: This command enables you to set your own custom title. Eg. /title Hello.
  • /skin (panda, fish, tan, orc, white, skeleton, yellow): This command enables you to set your own skin colour or race. Eg, /skin panda
  • /hair : This command enables you to use the barber anywhere in-game.
  • /save: Make sure to use this command often. As this will be the command you need when Elevations is updating the server with reboots. This command saves your progress of where you're on. Make sure you don't lose anything!
  • /reset: This command resets your stats. Use this command when you feel you've made a stat upgrade to the wrong stat. Or you can always use the customized button in your Skills section. Commonly F4.
  • /str <Amount>: This command enables you to quick train. You can only use it when you have stat points.
  • /int <Amount>: This command enables you to quick train your "Int" stat.
  • /wis <Amount>: This command enables you to train your "Wis" stat.
  • /agi <Amount>: This command enables you to train your "Agi" stat.
  • /con <Amount>: This command enables you to train your "Con" stat.
  • /cha <Amount>: This command enables you to train your "Cha" stat.
  • /warp (Only lets you warp to Heaven, Bank, Casino, Giftshop, Racetrack, Igloo, and PK, you will now have to use Traveler to get to places elsewhere or walk using the various portals found in Heaven.
  • /petinv: for viewing your pet inventory when your pet is out. Warning: You need a Pet Bag which can be found at Ghost Town (use travel bob) for 1,000,000 gold (1mil)
  • /petname <pet name>: allows you to set your pet name
  • /viewrecord <name>: allows you to view anothers record
  • /record: allows you to view your record
  • /effect on:off allows you to turn your effects on or off SE/lightning(atm)
  • /otherseffects on:off allows you to turn on or off others effect BOE/SE/Lightning(atm)
  • /explist: shows you your exp of your level and fishing (mining to come)
  • /orelist: shows all ores you can mine
  • /fishlist: shows all fish you can catch
  • /mail <name> <message>: sends mail to the desired person
  • /mailhelp: shows you all the mail commands and how to use them
  • /gmhelp: shows you all the global market commands and how to use them
  • /help: shows you some helpful commands
  • /guide: shows you an outdated guide of fallen evolution
  • /commands: shows you all commands you can use (kinda pointless puting it here then)

/talk on:off: turns of pets talking in battle or when they pick up things

  • /drop on:off: turns on pets picking up drops for you. Warning: You need Pet Bag which can be bought in Ghost Town (use Travel Bob) for 1,000,000 gold (1mil)
  • /cease: stops your pet from attacking; type it again to enable attacking
  • /heal: stops your pet from healing type it again to enable healing. Warning: You need HP Pills for the pet to heal you, which can be bought either at Heaven or Ghost Town (use Travel Bob) for 50gold each.
  • /info <name>: shows information on the desired player such as levels etc
  • /reborn: reborns you once you are level 200
  • /up: shows the server up time
  • /despawn: despawns your pet

Killing Monsters

  • There are many different monsters on FE and certain ways to kill them, you can use your ctrl key to kill them or just let your pet handle the work for you.
  • When dealing damage to a monster, their Hp is displayed over them along with the amount of damage you are dealing. Once the monster's Hp hits zero, it dies and disappears from the map until it is re-spawned.
  • When a monster dies, it may drop an item. Remember that different monsters drop certain items and that drop rates always vary.
  • Also, certain monsters in the game have their combat level displayed next to their name. There some monsters that are stronger than others so it may help to keep this in mind. Although the level is above their head it is sometime unreliable. Chaos Spawn is level 200 but for a level 200 you'd more than likely die.

Using the Global Market

  • Go to your spell tabs and look for the spell represented as a pile of coins named "Global Market". Press the corresponding hotkey and a box will open where you can click items you want to buy.
  • In order to put something on the global market first decide what item and how much of an item you want to sell and for how much. Type : /sell (Item ID) (Item Amount) (Item Price).
  • Item ID represents the item you want to sell. To find IDs type /item (name). If I want to find the ID for event ticket I would type /item event ticket.
  • Item amount is the amount of the item you want to sell. So if I want to sell 1 item i put 1.
  • Item price is the amount you want to sell your items for. This isn't the price for 1 item if you are selling 2, you sell the 2 items as a bunch so if i want to sell an event ticket, the price would be around 25,000,000 gold so I'd put 25000000.
  • The whole command should look like this for selling 1 event ticket for 25m. /sell 45 1 25000000.

Reading Mail

  • Look at your spell tabs and look for the icon that looks like a letter. Press the corresponding hotkey and a box will come up. On the left of the box is who sent you the mail, on the direct right is the message. To read the full message click the line and you will see the full message.
  • To send mail, use the following command : /mail (name) (message)
  • The name is the name of the person you want to mail, so if I want to mail Aries I put aries, capitalization doesn't matter.
  • The message is the thing you want to say to the person you are mailing, the good thing about this is it will send to people that are offline. So if I want to mail Aries saying, "Hello how are you?", that would be the message.
  • The full command in use would look like this : /mail aries Hello how are you?

Training Grounds Tutorial