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Message Response
Hey febot Hello, how are you (name)?
good (only after the above question) That's good to hear (name)
Hola febot Hola (name)!
Konichiwa febot Konichiwa (name)!
Bonjour febot Bonjour (name)!


Message Response
How are you febot? The normal i suppose.
What is the time febot? Time for you to go to bed.

I don't know where the hell you live..?

Time for you to get a watch.

What are you smoking febot? Weed.


Message Response
ele rule The main owner, Elevations, may do what he wants with his game, as it is his own creation. This includes, but is not limited to; swearing, insulting players or administrators, punishing players or administrators, dismissing administrators, etc.
rule (1-9) States the rules.
febot search (player name) Who would you like me to search (name)?

(name)'s level is: (x) reborn: (x) partner: (x) paragon: (x)

i love you febot / i <3 febot Your too kind themis.

Love? yeah i get that pretty often (name).

Sorry to disapoint you themis but i'm not human.

i love you to (name)!

i still love you (after the above command) What are you (name) some kinky robot sicko?