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How do I revive my pet?

Go to ghost town and buy a revival potion you can look at the map guides of how to get to ghost town here http://wiki.fallen-evolution.com/index.php?title=Map_Guides

How do I get rich quick?

There is no easy way to get rich quick other than killing monsters, merchanting items, fishing, mining, slot machines (if your lucky)

How do I become admin?

You can become admin by submiting an application on our forums here http://forums.fallen-evolution.com

I was banned?

If you were banned or can't connect to the game then please submit a ticket here http://support.fallen-evolution.com

How do I get free items?

You can't get free items unless a friend or somone is willing to give it to you.

How do I fish?

You can fish by going to the training grounds where sheep shagger is then talking to fisherman bob and buying a fishing rod and bait, equip the fishing rod then go attack the water to start fishing.

How do I mine?

You can mine by going to the training grounds where sheep shagger is, go up from sheep shagger until you see a cave with a jewl on it, then enter it. Go down the stairs and talk to mining bob, buy a pick axe and start attacking rocks to mine!

I was scammed?

If you were scammed then please submit a ticket here http://support.fallen-evolution.com

My account was hacked or stolen!?

If your account was hacked or stolen or you are unable to login to your account then please submit a ticket here http://support.fallen-evolution.com

Where is Ghost Town?

Use Travel Bob located near the left side of Church in Heaven and select "Ghost Town", or read the map guide here! http://wiki.fallen-evolution.com/index.php?title=Map_Guides

Where are the Buffalos?

They are located in newbland/training grounds or left from heaven of fallen.

How do I reborn?

Once you reach level 200, you type /reborn and you will reborn! The screen will shake, a message will be sent to all online players stating your reborn, and you will be congratulated! P.s. What a reborn does is it resets you to level 0, but you keep all your stats.

How do I donate?

Any questions on donations can be answered here: http://support.fallen-evolution.com/index.php?act=article&code=view&id=11

Why am I banned, jailed, walled, or muted ?

If you have been muted, jailed, banned, kicked, or walled, you have broken the rules. Please, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post ANYTHING on forums regarding punishments, please, submit a ticket to our support desk http://support.fallen-evolution.com

And most importantly, READ THE RULES ---> http://fallen-evolution.com/rules.php

How do I submit a ticket?

If you are having trouble or do not know how to submit a ticket, please refer to this. http://support.fallen-evolution.com/index.php?act=article&code=view&id=12