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Approximately every 20 minutes, a player is randomly selected from the online list and warped to a map called the "Chest Event". However, admins and jailed/walled players will not be warped to the random event map.

Here is an in-game screenshot of the Chest Event.


As you can see, the random event map contains 3 chests. Each chest has a 5% chance to win an Event Ticket. To try to win an Event Ticket, you must walk up to one of the chests and hit it from the front. Once you have hit a chest, you will be warped out of the event map, and a server message will tell you whether you won an Event Ticket or not. If you won, the server will announce it for everyone online to see.

In addition, there is an extra feature added to the Chest Event system called the "Autoer System". You are warped to a blue portal at event room. Once warped to this map your attack will be frozen to prevent you from unintentionally activating the autoer system. If a player attacks while on the blue portal tile that they are warped to after the 10 seconds are up, the autoer system will be activated. Once the autoer system has been activated, you will have exactly one minute (60 seconds) to move off the blue portal tile, or you will bebanned for 7 days. If a player is banned then the server will announce it.

Here is an in-game screenshot of the autoer messages.