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Game Commands

  • Use the command /arena (on/off) in order for the server to determined whether or not to warp you to the event.
  • Use the command /arenatime to see how much time is left until the next Arena Event is launched.


  • Arena Event automatically launches every 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Players will be put onto a random spot when warped to the Arena Event.
  • Once launched, every player is given 10 seconds for them to prepare. ( Mainly to avoid players to spawn kill )
  • Arena Event is a free for all event.
  • The objective of this event is to eliminate every participating player inside the Arena map.
  • The last man standing will win the event.


  • 100 EXP per player kill.
  • 100,000+ Gold
  • Event Tickets
  • Victory cache (When open drops golden coins and Event Tickets)
  • Sungod
  • Rare event ticket (Old event tickets)

Event Rules

  • No teaming
  • No camping
  • Running all the time is not allowed
  • Interfering a 1 on 1 fight is not allowed