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What is Rakuhana?

Rakuhana is a forum / community full of trolls who have derived from Endless Online Forums, EOSERV, EOHAX, EOR, and more. They like to post alot of bullshit on there forums and put down FE, Elevations has spoken to there staff several times about this. They said they won't do anything about it.

Review from a member: "Most of the main members of Endless Online don't even play the game; they visit the forums Rakuhana. The forums are a flame filled firey pit of hell. They are often stalked by trolls, grammar nazis, and camwhores. A new player is rarely welcomed, and are even less welcomed if they have bad grammar. Most topics involve retards asking obvious questions, and old forum users starting flame wars over stupid pointless shit. "

Why did we use to have Rakuhana linked on our website?

Elevations donated 50 usd to rakuhana to help keep up there servers, they then put links on rakuhana forums to FE, so in return we linked back to rakuhana.

Now rakuhana replaced FE links with Endless Edge, and EOSEP (which is currently dead because rena stopped working on it), Elevations also confronted the staff about the replaced links and not linking to FE anymore after a sudden change of randomness. All they had to say was this:

  • Elevations: "You guys told me as long as i have rakuhana linked on my site you would keep my links"
  • Zenpher: "you can unlink us, its fine"
  • Elevations: "I just find it ironic considering you basically replaced FE with eosep and endless edge links which for one eosep is dead."
  • Zenpher: "we can do what we like"
  • Elevations: "well i'm just asking why?"
  • Zenpher: "we put your link for months and now we're linking a new server."
  • Elevations: "A new server that is still below FE on the SLN?"
  • Zenpher: "So maybe we should link BU"
  • Elevations: "Infact they don't even appear to be online right now BU nor EE. Maybe you should just link masterjs admin server too"
  • Zenpher:"like I said, we link whoever we want"
  • Elevations: "I'ts just random you went and changed it?"
  • Elevations: "I was gonna ask about it but it seems there is no point because you removed it for your own reasons. Your own personal reasons *that i don't understand"
  • Zenpher: "well, our forums, our rules"
  • Elevations: "Well, I just wanted to know who removed it or what inspired it to be removed thats all."
  • Zenpher: "no hard feelings, we just wanted to link a different server" (Ironic? much)
  • Elevations: "Oh ok then. So i guess once each servers time is up there time is up? you don't link anymore to that server after its done? /over or something. Because i don't understand how this works. I never writed a label on FE saying, FE is over I quit."
  • Zenpher: "there's no rule or timelimit for servers we just link to whoever we want"

  • Elevations: "But you could add the FE links and the endless edge links and the BU links if you wanted too. But you choose not too? is that what your saying"
  • Zenpher: "maybe we like edge"
  • Elevations: "Ok then well we will see how that works out for you. Have a nice day."

And that is why we don't link to rakuhana anymore.

Proof that BU and EE were offline this day.

EE and BU offline
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