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= Checking Mail

Step One

  • Click your spell tab and look for the mail spell.
  • The icon should look like...


  • Double click the spell or hit the corresponding hotkey.

Step Two

  • Check your mail, to see who it is from it is on the far left. A small portion of the message is in the middle. To see the full message click the line it is on.
  • Your mailbox is getting full? Simply click the mail and there is a button that allows you to delete it.
  • Even if the player you mail is offline they will be notified they got a mail when they login and might read it.

Sending Mail

  • All you have to do is use the command...
  • /mail (name) (message)
  • Confused? Don't worry each part will be explained.


  • This is simply the person you wish to mail to.


  • This is simply what you want to tell the other person.

Example /mail sally Hey

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