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Elevations the game owner of Fallen Evolution. His name was found by one of his real life friends named Michael Ren on Endless Online. Ren then gave his EO account to him after quitting because he disliked the game. Elevations then took over his account and kept it because he took liking to the name. Ren did not expect it to turn into something this large.

Elevations then went to EO test server after being scammed on EO Main Server. Ele soon became popular after obtaining a Baru through a friend that quit. Elevations then started a Blog-spot at http://www.the-ele.blogspot.com and from then on it began to grow. The Blog was inspired from WickedFrosts Blog-spot http://www.endlessreport.xm.com Elevations also made patches.

Elevations grew tired of making many patches, he then started making videos at http://youtube.com/matgh4 about Endless Online. Elevations then decided to make an Xtreme Worlds Game at http://mmorpgmaker.org/index.php?title=Main_Page called "Fallen Online" he progressed very well in his game but always wanted it to look like EO after being so inspired by it. Elevations then found that the game wasn't what he wanted and needed a paperdoll and moved to the famous game maker "Eclipse Engine" at http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/index.php and named it "Fallen Reborn". This was one of his best creations featuring many features and of course a paperdoll, fishing, mining and more! Elevations grew tired of making the games he had started then slowly moved to the famous RPG Maker XP http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/ creating an awesome action adventure game which went really well but was not going to get him anywhere so he gave up on it and continued Fallen Reborn.

He then found http://eoserv.net from eohax.org and a old friend named Faild. That Sausage had created a server emulator to emulate the endless online client called "EOSERV". He parted ways with his old eclipse, mmorpg engine days and made an EO-Server. And that was the beginning of an evolution..


Which was then made after making 3 games Fallen Online, Fallen Reborn, Fallen Warriors an evolution of all the other games he made combined into the final product. You can now see Elevations making many updates to Fallen Evolution and progressing it further then Endless Online ever dreamed of.

Elevations also owns Elevations Productions which is a independent gaming company still in development you can check it out here


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