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History of bugs


Crash Bugs

  • Welcome Packet
  • Bard Packet
  • Deleting character on login (found by rawrz)
  • Death warp glitch. (found by rawrz)

Spell glitches

  • Spells could be learned anywhere (found by rawrz)
  • Member teleport could be used without being member (found by rawrz)
  • Spell Speed (found by chaosdog)

Global Market Glitch

  • People would sell stuff for negative amounts of gold.
  • Global Market would not save on sell/buy. (found by rawrz)

#hair 21 glitch

There is a glitch for female characters, commonly known as the "#hair 21 glitch", which turns the user's female character invisible.

A female character would type the command "#hair 21" and become invisible. The reason this glitch occurs is because there are no graphics for the female hair 21, so they turn invisible.

This glitch is known by the owners and is in the process of being fixed.

#partner/#home long title

People would type #home and put heaps of characters into there home or partner slot then type #save and crash the server since the database had set the max amount of characters to be 12.

WWWWWWW Global Spam

Chaosdog would login and try to spam global to DC everyone by sending long characters like W,M,@.

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